Innovation & Process  


We source the best quality and in-trend leather, fittings, linings and other raw materials from suppliers from across the globe. We work very closely with our suppliers, maintaining a strict vigil on the quality of the inputs, to ensure our output macthes the very exactly levels demanded of us. All the materials used strictly adhered to the specification provided by our clients, ensuring we meet, if not exceed, expectations.


Our factory of over 25,000 sq.ft is located in an industrial estate of Kolkata, which has in-house capabilities to carry out all our needs.


This is backed by a team of professional experts, skilled workmen and a very sound infrastructure, dedicated staff using modern equipment, we produce approximately 10,000 leather goods in a month.



 are one of India's leading creators of leather handbags and accessories. Our collections represent diversity in design, leather and colours, diversity in application and techniques and an electric fusion of globalization and heritage.


Our forecast professionals clue us into the season's colours, textures, look and shapes which will be in demand in the approaching season. Our team of able designers and craftsmen with give you the best products for the coming seasons.


We are obsessed with quality and has innovated and improvised at every step of the manufacturing process. We are a top-notch factory with in-house production and packaging of handbags and small leather goods. Every employee is trained to be focussed towards maintaining quality. Our raw materials go through rigid documentation. The meticulous checks at every stage of procurement, production, packing and shipment make it possible for the company to maintain consistent quality.